I have lost my ever-lovin’ mind…

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I’m gonna get hurt.  I KNOW I am gonna get hurt.  OK, maybe I’ll get hurt.  We’ll see. 

I’ll back up – I just ordered one of these doohickies from Amazon.com:  Empower em40 Bench Package.  What’s the problem, you wonder?

Empower em40 Bench Package

I have NO clue how to use this thing.  Never in my life have I used this kind of equipment.  I’m not athletic, in fact I’m kind of clumsy.

But Amazon.com just had this thing on a Lightning Deal for 64% off, which was a very affordable price, and it seemed the thing to do.  I’ve wanted to learn how to exercise for a while, but to be perfectly honest, the idea of walking into a gym or the YMCA totally clueless as to how to use their equipment amidst a sea of people who know what they are doing is very intimidating.  I’m not so much worried about being laughed at – I am the first to laugh at myself.  Nope, I’m worried about pissing people off because my fitness-inept self is in the way of their regimen, slowing them down, etc.

So I’m thinking that maybe if I can do this at home, learning from the little booklet and training DVD, that maybe I can figure this thing out.

If you don’t hear from me after it arrives, you’ll know the worst has happened…  Send flowers, will you?  LOL

  1. Annmarie Said,

    You HAVE lost your ever loving mind. I saw that deal of the day and ran screaming.

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